CACCICO is an independent, on and offline strategic agency, headquartered on the web with a field office in Chicago. We approach design from the needs of the customer, putting them at the heart of the problems we solve and the experiences we create.


We bring designer-led analysis and creativity together to balance client business values with their customers' emotional needs. With an expertise in end-to-end design, we’re able to work with clients from an early discovery process to the final realization of a new product launch, messaging strategy or brand development. On the journey, we use custom methods to fit the needs of each unique client so the result is authentic and resonates with our clients' customers. Brands come to life through thoughtful and strategic, award-winning visual design that helps customers to take action – buy, click and share.


There’s an old Indian proverb: “Those who tell the stories rule the world.” Stories make ideas stick. Stories help persuade. Stories build brand durability. Whether it's the launch of a new brand, introducing the next big product or service, or prepping for a major marketing push, it all starts with the right story. 

design thinking

Algorithms don’t feel, people do. Brain science tells us that emotion drives customer behavior. Our Design Thinking process uncovers critical questions about what customers need and want. Both emotion and logic merge into marketing insights. Our work establishes empathy benchmarks and organizes messages and visuals around key insights.

visual design

Great design doesn't get in the way. It distills the complex nature of a brand into something that makes perfect sense. To stay relevant in a competitive, digital environment, a tactical roadmap must quickly communicate business purpose and customer values with elegance and expert end-to-end implementation.