CASE STUDY: Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

The Problem

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago recognized that their in-house creative team could be of greater value to internal stakeholders if it were completely reimagined. This new vision for the department included attracting the right talent and restructuring operations to make it a financially responsible, sustainable and valued internal resource. The client was overwhelmed by the scope of such project and reached out to us for help and guidance.


Our Offer

Qualitative research
Co-creation workshops
Change management
Visual design

To define a roadmap that would bring this vision to life, we facilitated co-creation sessions with the client to gain knowledge of any and all variables that might impact the success or failure of this endeavor. We reviewed and evaluated the existing staff to help them succeed through organizational change. Our work also included establishing processes and procedures for the internal and external stakeholders that would regularly interface with the creative department. After evaluating their existing hardware and software, we made technology recommendations and prescribed ongoing technical maintenance planning.

Additionally, we honored and translated their brand guidelines, and also updated the design for all of their internal visual communications. It was important for the client to be able to represent a cohesive and elegant body or work to attract the right, full-time design talent. With that accomplished, we worked with them to source and interview full-time hires who could round out the appropriate skill sets and fit within their culture.


The Result

The in-house team is an award winning department – respected and supported from inside and outside the organization. The creative leadership that we put in place has yielded low turnover, is an effective company contributor and continues to promote a positive culture.