CASE STUDY: Valent BioSciences

The Problem

Valent BioSciences is a leading company in vector control and production of biorational products. They understand that in order to stay relevant in the market, they need to continue to think broadly about their role in public health – not just as a manufacturer, but rather as a partner and resource in global public health.

Having led the initial campaign that created their original brand positioning, we were primed to be the team that develops their brand and helps them stay relevant in the market competition.


Our Offer

Qualitative market research
Empathy benchmarking
Insight analysis
Brand Storytelling
Video design
Presentation design

We conducted research around the globe that gained a deep understanding of the needs and wants of their current audience segmentation, as well as for future audiences and markets. Gathering insights were important in the process of moving them from "manufacturer" to "public health partner." Using multiple design thinking frameworks, we clustered, compared and contrasted their audience's wants and needs to their own wants and needs. We gained a clear, empathy-driven understanding that will ensure meaningful results from any and all future, tactical brand expressions.

The first brand tactic that came out of our design thinking framework was an animated video that leveraged the equity from their well-received, yearly calendar. We brought static illustrations to life through motion graphics and music in line with their branded style and with visual content that focused on the new positioning.. 

Leadership Presentation
An additional tactic was a presentation to the company C-Suite, designed to clarify and garner support for the new brand positioning. For this presentation, we used a delicate balance of right and left-brained content. The elegant visuals were carefully selected to fully engaged and enlighten those in the attendance, and maintain the presenter as the focal point of the presentation, rather than the typical dense PowerPoint slides that distract the audience.


The Result

Our ability to connect customer values to corporate values and define their identity in the most authentic way has been a strong contributing factor in their position as market leaders. Brand durability and recognition has paved the way for expanding their role as public health partners. Our work has helped create a team of passionate, engaged employee brand advocates who live their brand values and have the understanding and desire to share and communicate their brand's message.