CACCICO is an independent, strategic branding and design firm headquartered on the web with a field office in Chicago. We approach design from the needs of stakeholders, putting them at the heart of the problems we solve and the experiences we create. 

To most design firms, strategy is the thought that precedes and encompasses a creative solution. Strategy at CACCICO is a series of thoughtful, evidence-based decisions that lead to sustainable market advantage and financial success.


Our process uses Design Thinking methods, balancing business values with stakeholder emotion that motivate people to take action. The result is targeted, sustainable and actionable and resonates with all stakeholders. Our process is manifested through the creation of websites, new product launches, brand development, messaging strategy and company cultural alignment. 

There’s an old Indian proverb: “Those who tell the stories rule the world.” Stories make ideas stick. Stories help persuade. They build a shared language across cultures and build brand durability. Whether it's a brand acquisition strategy, corporate presentation, marketing campaign or a rapid prototype for user testing, it should tell a memorable story.
design thinking
Algorithms don’t feel, people do. Brain science tells us that emotion drives behavior. The Design Thinking process uncovers critical questions about stakeholder needs and wants. Both emotion and logic reveal new insights, test new ideas, establish empathy and organize values and messages around key insights. Design Thinking drives action and commitment. Let us show you how to add this to your problem-solving process.
website design
Great design doesn't get in the way. It distills complexities into something that makes perfect sense. Elegant website design and targeted message mapping are necessary to differentiate your brand in a cluttered, digital environment. A well-crafted communications plan will fall short when brand voice and look and feel do not authentically represent strategy.